February 2, 2014

Sea World Preschool Pass 2014: Free Admission Kids 3 - 5

free admission to Sea World 2014
 Wow, here's an amazing offer for all you parents of little ones!

Little Texas residents ages 3 through 5 can get in free to Sea World San Antonio throughout 2014 with a Preschool Pass.

In order to sign your child up for a San Antonio Preschool Pass, you'll need to register online no later than May 31, 2014, then bring the registration paperwork plus proof of ID for your child to Sea World San Antonio by June 30, 2014.

Proof of ID at that age basically means a copy of your child's certified birth certificate, or their passport if they have one.

Once you show proof of ID and the completed registration info at the gates, your child will receive his or her free Sea World Preschool Pass.

And yes, it looks like multiple children in the same family can sign up for free admission, as long as they are between those same ages of 3 and 5!

Register for your child's Sea World 2014 Preschool Pass here.

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