April 4, 2013

Texas Beer Tasting Parties April 2013

I have good news and bad news for fans of Texas beers.

The good news is that there are two tasting parties open to the public coming up soon -- one for Real Ale, as part of their 17th anniversary celebration, and one for San Antonio favorite Branchline Brewing Co.

The bad news is that both events are scheduled for Saturday, April 13.

However, if you time it carefully (and get a designated driver with a GPS), you might be able to put in an appearance at both events!

The Branchline Brewing Co. tasting runs from noon to 3pm at their brewery in the Thousand Oaks and Wetmore area on the Northside.  The tour costs $10 and includes a pint glass with three pours.  Food trucks, live music, and more will be on site.

Meanwhile, the Real Ale 17th Anniversary party runs from noon to 5pm in Blanco, Texas.  Entry is free, but parking costs $5 per car.  Live music and food will also be available.

I went on the Real Ale tour last spring and had a wonderful time there.  If you've been to either brewery, please leave a note in the comments about your trip!

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