April 11, 2014

San Antonio Express-News Deal: As Low As 40 Cents Per Issue

Wow!  The popular San Antonio Express-News offer is back once again at Groupon.

Big thanks to reader Karyn for spotting the deal's return!

Here's how your math works out:

  • Go HERE to choose a full 1-year subscription of Wednesday & Sunday delivery of the San Antonio Express-News for only $52 (normally $156!)  If you don't want a full year, you can also choose 6 months for $26.  Note that both offers are for new subscribers only.
  • If you don't see the Express-News offer on that link, just use the search box at the top of the page to find your deal.

Also, remember that Ebates customers receive 3% cash back on their Groupon purchases.  And if you're new to Ebates, you'll receive a free $10 gift card on your first qualified purchase -- which means that your final price could be as little as $42 for your annual subscription.  

That breaks down each delivery to just 40 cents, which is a heckuva deal, considering the Sunday paper alone is $2 each week at the store.

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