August 21, 2013

Enter To Win A Free Dog Tired Bed Or Body Pillow

Enter to win a handmade dog bed or body pillow courtesy of Dog Tired!

My friend Nicole runs a small San Antonio business making super-cute, washable, and handmade pet beds and blankets -- and she uses part of the proceeds to help feed rescued and homeless pets in town.

You can see a selection of some of the pet beds she's made for satisfied customers here on the left.

Plus, Nicole was also instrumental in helping me find a foster home for the kitty I rescued from I-35 earlier this month!

Now, Nicole is offering one lucky What To Do In San Antonio reader a free dog bed (or body pillow in case you decide you want to keep it for yourself.)

Normally, this size dog bed would cost $30, so this is a great value for your beloved pooch.

Just enter the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win!

The winner will be contacted via email on August 29 so Nicole can get him or her their prize!

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  1. We have 4 dogs who are my babies. One day we were outside letting our littlest guy, Peppito-Rusty (our chihuahua) spend some time in the sun. My son was running around chasing our bigger dogs when all of the sudden I heard him screaming at our German Sheppard, Duke Ellington. He keeps shouting out "NO DUKE Don't eat him!" I turn around and see my German Sheppard picking Peppito- Rusty up by the scruff of the neck to bring him back towards the house. My poor son was terrified thinking Duke Ellington was trying to eat Peppito-Rusty. I couldn't stop laughing as I tried to explain that he was helping bring him inside the house.

  2. We are doggie foster parents, so we have had many dogs come through our home. Our personal dog, Jasmine takes it all in stride and does her best to keep the peace and "teach" the fosters how to behave. I was trying to get photos of ones set of puppies without much luck and was giving them a lot of attention. Suddenly Jasmine jumps into the picture, poses perfectly, with almost a smile on her face and "shows" the others how its done. It was the cutest picture ever.

  3. we have 5 puppies and they are adorable! They just started walking and its so cute when they tumble everywhere

  4. We got our Westie in Germany & I thought I was being the best doggie mommy & got her some shoes so her feet wouldnt get wet in the snow or irritated from the salt on the sidewalks. After 10 mins of wrestling the shoes on one night & getting her to keep them on, we went outside where she tried to shake off each shoe every time she walked. So she'd be standing on two feet & trying to shake the shoes off of two feet at the same time. I was doubled over laughing so hard that one of the neighbors came outside to see what was going on. Saw my dog & was like what the heck is wrong with your dog? It was so funny.

  5. Have 3 dogs who love to lay on pillows, they will share if I wond the bed!

  6. I have 3 furr babies who would love me to win one!

  7. I have a 8 month old pup we rescued from ACS. She was supose to be 30lbs full grown lol. She was 45lbs @6 months and still have paws to grow into. We also have her cuddle buddy...a 3 month old black lab. They are growing and could definitely use another bed!!!!!!

  8. Out and about. In N.S. area sent # you can call me. The "kids" are gonna be so excited.

  9. I am out ans about near N.S. left cell # on email.