October 28, 2013

San Antonio Kick The Can Program: Free Toilets From SAWS

Here's one of the stranger -- but definitely useful -- freebies I've ever found!

San Antonio residents living in homes constructed before 1992 can apply for up to two free water-efficient toilets through the SAWS Kick The Can program!

The toilets are white with a round front and come with a standard toilet seat, wax ring and a set of bolts to anchor the toilet.

Either homeowners or renters can apply for the free toilets, although renters also have to get approval from their landlord and submit his/her contact information.

You can score your free toilets now through December 31, 2013 -- but if you have guests coming for the holidays, it seems to me that now is the right time to request them!

Read more about the SAWS Kick The Can program here.

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