October 31, 2013

Halloween Candy BuyBack 2013: Kids Earn Money On Uneaten Candy

Did you know that your kids can earn money or other prizes by donating their uneaten, unwanted Halloween candy? 
Just visit a participating San Antonio dentist in the Halloween Candy Buyback event for 2013, and rescue your family from a days-long sugar coma.  Most buybacks will occur on Friday, November 1 throughout the day.

Here's how the Candy Buyback works:
Participating dentists purchase leftover candy from families at a flat rate of $1 per pound, then donate the candy, via Operation Gratitude or other military support ventures, to troops stationed in harm's way at various points around the world.
They will also be accepting donations of toothpaste and toothbrushes to send to the troops, along with their sweet treats.
What a simple and easy way to teach your children about community outreach, while simultaneously promoting good dental health!
Some San Antonio dental practices will only purchase candy from existing patients, so be sure to call ahead before you go.

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