July 29, 2013

Sea World San Antonio: Save $15 Off Online Tickets

Here's an awesome deal available for anyone looking for Sea World discounts -- right now, you can save $15 off your purchase when you buy your tickets online as opposed to at the park!

The Summer Nights promotion drops the purchase of an adult ticket to Sea World San Antonio from $62 each down to $47!  Kids aged 3 to 9 can get in for just $39 per person.

Now, if you think you've got time to visit twice or more this season, it might be a better deal to get the Sea World Fun Card, which is $62 per adult.

So that's like paying full price for one visit, and then getting the rest of your trips for free throughout the rest of the year.

But I would really look at your calendar and make sure you can swing multiple visits before buying the Fun Card -- I have personally fallen into the trap of getting season passes to go someplace, and then only making it out once that year.

Get your discounted Sea World San Antonio tickets here.

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