July 3, 2013

Eccentric Tattoos: $125 Toward Tattoo Work For $40

Here's something you don't often see coupons for -- tattoos!

San Antonio tattoo parlor Eccentric Tattoos is offering $125 worth of work right now for $50 through Living Social.

And through July 5, 2013, you can take $10 off any purchase of $25 or more on Living Social with coupon code FREEDOM!

So your final price works out to $40 for $125 worth of work -- which is almost 70% off regular price!

Limit 1 per customer, and you can buy up to one additional voucher to give as a gift.  You must be 18 or older, or have your parent/guardian present, in order to redeem the voucher.

Would you use a coupon to get a tattoo, or is this one of those things you'd rather pay full price for?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I'd rather not have a tattoo at all actually...

  2. I bought one of these last year. I would NOT recommend purchasing this type of deal since it's open ended. By that I mean, the place I bought mine for upcharged for their work so that they could make the money that they usually make for the tattoo.

    I went in with my coupon and let them know I had purchased it before telling them what I was looking for. I told them what I wanted to get done and then I received a quote. I have several tattoos so I know the ballpark price of tattoos. I could tell the amount he told me would be correct had he not calculated the coupon price. So lets say the tattoo usually cost about $200. Since he knew that I had a coupon he told me that my tattoo would cost about $350.

    Also, be wary of them telling you they don't charge by size. Most tattoo places do. The place I went to said that they wanted to know how much I would spend that way he could know how much work he could do.

    To finish my story, I didn't get a tattoo that day and came back several months later. The guy vaguely remembered me but didn't remember I had a coupon. So I asked for a quote again for the same work. He quoted me $200 again. This time without the upcharge. I told him lets set an appointment. As we were setting the appointment I let him know I had a coupon. You can only imagine his expression on his face when I said that. He was pretty upset because he wasn't going to be making any money.

    I never said it to him but I thought to myself. "Then why is he making this coupons to get customers if he doesn't want to honor them correctly?"

    Just my two cents on this deal.