July 9, 2014

7-Eleven Day 2014: $7.11 Admission To Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Wow, here's a great way to get into Six Flags Fiesta Texas for super-cheap!

On Friday, July 11, you'll be able to get in to Fiesta Texas for just $7.11 after 7:11pm!

In order to snag this highly-discounted admission, you'll need to do the following:

  • Make a purchase at your local 7-Eleven on July 11 (perhaps a free Slurpee?)
  • Bring the receipt for your purchase to Fiesta Texas AFTER 7:11pm and check in at the 7-Eleven table that will be outside the front gates.
  • You'll receive a coupon that you can use for your $7.11 admission!
Fiesta Texas stays open until 9pm on July 11, so that gives you just under two hours to ride a few rides and play a few games.

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