September 23, 2013

Museum Day 2013: Free Admission To Institute of Texan Cultures

If you're looking for something fun and free to do with your family this weekend, don't forget about the Smithsonian Museum Day, scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 2013.

Select museums and historical sites around San Antonio will be offering free admission with coupons!

This is actually a national promotion, so you can view an entire list here of participating venues.  But the three participating here in town are:

I think free admission to the Institute of Texan Cultures will be the big draw here in town -- it's a lot of fun to wander the outdoor exhibits.  Plus, admission is normally $8 per person, so this is a big savings too!

You can snag one ticket per household for up to two people -- so if you have more kids or adults than that, consider sweet-talking a friend or family member into registering and attending with you for extra spaces.

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